2016 CAM Summer Camp Schedule

2016 Entering
Grades 1‐2
Grades 3‐4
Grades 5‐6
Grades 7‐8
June 20‐25 Dynamic Design Print Power Art Outdoors Clay Creations
June 27‐
July 1
Dream House Dynamic Design Print Power
July 4‐8 Print Power Dream House Clay Creations Dynamic Design
July 11‐15 Hippie Modernists Clay Creations Dream House
July 18‐22 Clay Creations Hippie Modernists Dynamic Design Dream House
July 25‐29 Team Tinker Textures and Textiles Hippie Modernists
Aug 1‐5 Art Outdoors Team Tinker Textures and Textiles Hippie Modernists
Aug 8‐12 Textures and Textiles Art Outdoors Team Tinker

If you love being outside, this is the camp for you! Make art from nature, like cyanotypes (sun prints), scavenger hunt mobiles, and land art sculptures. Explore the magical landscape of Cranbrook Gardens and let nature inspire you, from materials to subject matter.

Build functional and sculptural ceramic art and learn about hand‐building methods, glazing, and decorating your creations! Glimpse at glazes and scope out shapes in the Museum’s ceramics vault and the exhibition Simple Forms, Stunning Glazes: The Gerald W. McNeely Collection of Pewabic Pottery. Use various clays and modelling materials, including limited use of kiln‐fired clays.

Design your dream home! See architectural drawings and models in the Museum’s vaults. Tour two historic homes: the Saarinen House, located on Cranbrook’s campus, and the Smith House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Create floor plans, elevations, sections, and a model of the house of your dreams.

Dive into graphic design and create posters, logos, business cards, and magazine covers. Learn how things like font, color, and the sizing of words and pictures affect how we read them. Discover design styles and trends in the Museum’s collections and exhibitions.

Step into the idealized world of the sixties and seventies! Investigate how this era introduced new types of art and ideas that influence us today, by visiting Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia. Experiment with color, concepts, and collaboration to create vivid works of hippie art.

Learn how to screenprint, create a relief print, and use unusual materials to make beautiful prints. Visits to the Museum’s print vault will get your ideas flowing. Create monotypes to take home and editions of multiples to trade with other campers for a unique portfolio of prints!

Think big and tinker! Collaborate to create large‐scale constructions ‐ art installations and tensile structures are just the beginning. Use wood and other repurposed materials to come up with innovative solutions to challenges while learning DIY skills.

Experiment with a variety of textile creation, from weaving to felting to batiking. Be inspired by the textures of weavings and tapestries in the Museum’s vault. From paper to string, sticks to wire, weave with wonderous materials on a Cricket Loom.

* TEEN WORKSHOPS (Grades 7‐8)
Seventh and eighth grade students have more time to develop their projects and explore their own interests in TWO‐WEEK CAMP SESSIONS. These are offered for Clay Creations, Dream House, Dynamic Design, and Hippie Modernist.

All art supplies and materials are included with camp registration. Limited need‐based scholarships are available; contact sdoty@cranbrook.edu for more information.